Our Products

Where are your coconuts from?

Our coconuts are from family farms in Mueang Ratchaburi, Thailand. 

What does single sourced mean?

We source all of our coconuts from the one region in Thailand, while other coconut brands may source from multiple locations with the need to add natural flavors or added sugars to maintain a uniform taste.

Some coconut brands use monkey labor to pick their coconuts, how are your coconuts harvested?

We do not condone or work with any coconut suppliers that utilize forced monkey labor. Our suppliers harvest our coconuts safely using a long machete. We only use fair and safe human labor practices.

Do you pasteurize your products?

Our coconut water is flash pasteurized to be safely packaged for shelf stability. Electrolytes are not destroyed during this pasteurization process. 


Is sugar added to your products?

We do not add any sugars to our coconut water. We source the sweetest young Thai coconuts therefore the sugars are naturally occurring. 


Do you use concentrates in your products?

We do not use any concentrates in our products. Our products are 100% pure coconut water. 


Are your products gluten free?

Our products are naturally gluten free.


Are your products vegan?

Our products are vegan.


Do your products contain GMOs?

We are proud to say that all of our products are Non-GMO Project verified! Our coconuts are grown without the use of persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.


Why is your product in a can?

We package our products in a BPA-free steel tin can. We chose cans because they are considered the world's most recycled product and are up-cycled (infinitely recyclable). 

What are the benefits of coconut water?

Coconut water contains naturally occurring electrolytes—calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and sodium. This makes coconut water a great source of natural hydration.

How long is my coconut water good for after I open the can?

We suggest refrigerating our product after opening and consuming within 1-2 days of opening. Our product tastes best chilled.


General Questions

Where can I find your coconut water?

You can view where we currently sell our products in stores on our Find Us page. We frequently update this page with our new store locations.

Interested in selling Cocoridge in your store?

We appreciate your interest in our brand! Please email us at info@cocoridgewater.com if you are interested in partnering with us.


Do you have an ambassador program? 

Yes, please contact us at info@cocoridgewater.com and we will send you a short form to fill out regarding your interest.

Still have a question? 

Please contact us at info@cocoridgewater.com with any questions or comments!